About Us

Windwalkers is an outdoor organization that promotes experiential learning through the vehicle of adventure. Seeking to build a conscientious citizenry by moulding attitudes and personalities against a dynamic outdoor canvas, the organization is rooted in a time-tested belief: nature is the best teacher & the outdoors are a very powerful medium for leaning

customized programs

We offer customized programs for differing target groups-

  • OP (Outbound Programs) – for corporates
  • OLP (Outdoor Learning Programs) – for students, youth, & any interested audience
  • DNP (Date with nature Programs) – for tiny tots aged between 4-8 years to introduce young children to the realms of the beautiful natural world.
  • HAP (Hard-skill Adventurer programs) – for adventure enthusiasts keen on a tough date with the outdoors
  • Off Roaders (Cycle/ Bike/ Road trip) Tours for the tough bodied venturing out on their own pace
  • Urban Rurals – Culture Tours for interested groups curious on experiencing native cultures
  • FTC- (Family Treks & Camping) Family Treks for multi-aged groups of people interested in experiencing the outdoors

Zero Footprint

Let us start with an understanding of outdoor education which is not bounded by common definitions. Let us imagine a pure, theoretical elixir which has no detectable chemical qualities, a pure homeopathic. When applied, it has infinitely perfect effects. All approaches to human healing, growth, and sustenance might strive to be as such, a perfect supplement to human experience; so too might be the goal of outdoor education.
– James Neill


Our Principle

” We as individuals & an organization are extremely concerned about the environment. We believe in nature-friendly interaction as intrusions. Hence we totally endorse the zero impact camping approach while we believe in leaving behind just our footprints & nothing else!!! ”

– The Wind Walkers

Non-Discrimination Policy for customized programs

The essence of outdoor training is learning by trial & error. Thus there cannot be any pre-decided schedule, which works for all programs. Each program is unique simply because it focuses on relevant issues particular to the group. Hence programs are custom made for different groups.

The issues addressed may vary:

  • anything from leadership
  • team building
  • risk-taking
  • confidence boosting
  • time management or
  • just interpersonal skills

The focus areas are zeroed in before the outing by involving the team leader, a representative from the company management, Windwalkers outbound facilitator/ management expert & Windwalkers adventure specialist.

On deciding the focus, the program is later designed by Windwalkers by including the adventurer activities that stimulate decision on desired focus.

Outbound programs are a collaborative effort. We believe for the success of an outbound program, it requires able sharing & support from all the key players concerned. Hence, we encourage long-standing relationships with corporate wanting to exploit the potential of the great outdoors. Follow-up and in-house discussions prior to & post-program are a must to reinforce learning.