“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”
― John Muir

Windwalkers is an outdoor organization that promotes experiential learning through the vehicle of adventure. Seeking to build a conscientious citizenry by molding attitudes and personalities against a dynamic outdoor canvas, the organization is rooted in a time-tested belief: nature is the best teacher & the outdoors are a very powerful medium for leaning. Endeared to this idea, Windwalkers aims to unleash latent potential/ talent in its program participants by exposing them to a mysterious natural world. Our programs are designed to correlate personal learning on an outdoor program to the individual’s daily life.

Besides a personality focus, Windwalkers demonstrates its passionate concern for the outdoors by engaging its program participants in knowledge-imparting discussions on the biological & cultural diversity if the particular natural area, thereby creating awareness on conservation issues related to the Indian sub continent. We strive to establish a unique yet sensitive relationship between our program participants & the great outdoors that is based on respect and love, nurturing a special bond with nature. This relation we believe is an intangible by-product of all our programs.


Windwalkers was created from a group of a motivated and passionate nature lover who seeks to enroll more people to join them on their nature/ outdoor journeys. Our group consists of people specializing in both soft & hard skills of adventure. We have adventure specialists trained from institutes across the world to facilitate outdoor learning. Team Leaders are outdoor people with vast experience in adventure activities. Safe adventure is one of the core values of the organization.

We as individuals & an organization are extremely concerned about the environment. We believe in nature-friendly interaction as intrusions. Hence we totally endorse the zero impact camping approach while we believe in leaving behind just our footprints & nothing else!!!